Uniting Euroclear’s breadth of settled market coverage for Government and Corporate Bonds and Mosaic Smart Data’s industry leading analytics, unlock new depths of understanding in the markets, products and instruments of your choosing.

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Smart Markets Analysis

What happened to the South African Bond Market after the June 2024 election?


Mosaic Smart Data & Euroclear launch next generation data intelligence for capital markets

  • Smart Markets helps capital markets participants understand the big data they generate
  • Enables participants to enhance trading models and build informed strategies
  • Powered by Euroclear’s comprehensive fixed income data including government and corporate bonds

London/Brussels, 24 June 2024: Mosaic Smart Data (Mosaic), the real-time capital markets data analytics company, has launched a next generation data intelligence service, Smart Markets, powered by financial markets infrastructure provider Euroclear’s fixed income data including government and corporate bonds. The launch marks a new era for data in capital markets, transforming Euroclear’s data into insights that participants can easily interpret and use to detect market movements, enhance trading models and build informed strategies.

Leveraging Mosaic’s cutting edge AI and machine learning technology, Smart Markets has been developed by Mosaic’s expert data scientists in response to the demand from institutions such as banks, central banks, debt management offices (DMOs), corporate treasurers, buy-side trading firms and hedge funds for increasingly sophisticated data-driven insights.

Demand for market data from financial institutions is booming with the market growing 12.4% in 2023 to a record $42.0 billion.[1] Data quality and the ability to interpret big data has become increasingly critical. Smart Markets answers this call by bringing together raw data from market sources such as Euroclear, which is then enriched, normalised and automatically analysed.

The result for FICC market participants is access to a highly intuitive, multi-asset service that unlocks new depths of understanding in the markets and products that are important to them. This enables them to enhance their trading models, build informed market strategies, strengthen their investment and research intelligence and improve post-trade analysis and reporting.

[1] Burton-Taylor: Financial Market Data/Analysis: Global Share & Segment Sizing 2024

Philippe Laurensy, Managing Director and Head of Product, Strategy and Innovation at Euroclear, said: “By harnessing the scale and depth of Euroclear’s post trade ecosystem, which in 2023 settled the equivalent of more than 1 quadrillion of securities transactions, Smart Markets is able to provide trading firms with a true picture of fixed income activity including government and corporate bond markets. As a financial market infrastructure with a track record of providing high quality settlement services to the world’s leading financial institutions, we are well positioned to drive innovation in the industry and to improve efficiency in the market as a whole.”

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data, said: “Mosaic has been at the leading edge of data analytics for capital markets since our inception, and the launch of Smart Markets takes our offering to the next level, introducing a new category of data product. Leveraging comprehensive, high quality transaction data from best-in-class providers such as Euroclear and running it through our proven models gives participants the insights at their fingertips to truly understand market behaviour and make more informed trading decisions. We have a healthy pipeline of additional data providers and look forward to continuing to expand the Smart Markets offering following launch.”


To help you make informed trading decisions,
Smart MarketsTM gives you access to:

  • data that is platform and venue agnostic
  • information at individual ISIN level broad instrument coverage: 460,000 fixed income ISINs including
    > 205,000 Eurobonds (XS)
    > 105,000 European domestic fixed income
  • historical information for up to 5 years
  • comprehensive and reliable data obtained directly from Euroclear core settlement activity
  • cleaned, enriched and normalised data
  • targeted search criteria allowing you to obtain information about market segments
  • intuitive, configurable and collaborative analytics platform for market insights

Enhance your trading models

Strengthen investment and research intelligence

Build informed market strategies

Make accurate comparisons

Is Smart Markets the right solution for my data needs?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • What is happening in the market?
  • Am I missing any short term trading signals?
  • How does my activity compare to the rest of the market?
  • How detailed is my post-trade execution reporting?
  • How liquid are individual assets within my portfolio?
  • How can I achieve a more accurate valuation of my less liquid assets?
  • How can I refine the evaluation of my risk profile?

How you can benefit to:

  • Enhance your trading models
  • Build informed market strategies
  • Strengthen investment and research intelligence
  • Support your post-trade analysis and reporting

What value Smart Markets delivers to….



1. Liquidity risk assessment at the point of trade

  • Gain unrivalled liquidity insights about any security in a matter of seconds, just start typing the description or the ISIN of the bond and leverage Smart Markets auto-complete feature. Look at liquidity patterns over time, and across different market segments and issuers.

2. Market share assessment

  • Assess your true market share, leveraging the most complete and venue-agnostic settlement transactional data. Break-down your market share analysis by country, tenor, sector, issuer, etc to focus your sales efforts and fine-tune your pricing strategy where it matters the most.

3. Market sentiment analysis for Sales and Research

  • Gain a detailed and reliable understanding of net risk positioning of different investors over time, with the ability to break it down further by geography, products, tenors, and types of investors.
  • Leverage this information for equipping your sales force and research analysts with the most complete market trends and flow analytics.



1. Price quality insights

  • Accurate TCA and price quality assessment by comparing execution price from your selected dealers with volume weighted average settlement price in the market. Get access to the most objective way to assess dealers’ performance over time.

2. Market trends analytics

  • Gain first-hand information about recent market trends and directionality of net risk flows. Information that historically was only accessible through investment banking research and salespeople is now at your fingertips down to the ISIN level in corporate bonds.

3. Early market signals

  • Build your own view on possible correlations between market flows and investor types’ movements in any segment, tenor, issuer or product type.
  • Specifically in corporate bonds market, be on top of any significant turnover and look for any multi-day price correlations or any other hidden opportunities.


1. Lower issuance costs with secondary markets insights 

  • Get the full picture of your securities’ flows after they’ve been allocated in the secondary market. This information can be leveraged and monetised when issuing new debt, making sure that your issuance meets the market demand and ultimately lower your total cost of funding.

2. Benchmark your issuance performance vs peers 

  • Gain first-hand information about the performance of your debt vs similar debt issued by institutions within same sector, across currencies, tenors, seniority, types of bonds and optionality. 


1. Monitor liquidity and concentration risk with reliable data

  • Gain the most reliable information about settled transactions, without any chance of misreporting, fat-fingers or any gaps due to reporting waivers that affect other data sources like Mifid II APA data. 

2. Detect early signals of stressed market regimes 

  • Monitor the overall market trends and liquidity patterns, to assess market regimes and be notified of any early indication of stressed markets or any other unusual trading pattern activity. Automatic detection of market anomalies. 

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Why is post-trade data relevant?

  • Provides you with relevant insights into the liquidity of liquid and less liquid FI securities
  • Helps you enhance your FI trading and execution strategies based on supply and demand – taking into account liquidity considerations
  • Complements your traditional sources of FI data
  • Based on actual executed trades