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How to access Smart Markets and setup 2FA

To securely access the Smart MarketsTM trial platform you need to first set up your account. Please watch this video or follow the steps below to change your password and set up two-factor authentication. If you have any questions please contact


Open the Google Chrome web browser and go to:

  • Enter your email address and the temporary password (sent from Mosaic in a separate email).
  •  Click ‘Sign In‘ (please note SSO is not available during the trial)


You should now see the above screen. Open your mobile phone to set up two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app


Open the Google Authenticator/FreeOTP app or download on your mobile app store:


Select ‘Scan a QR code’ to open the camera scan the QR code on your computer at step 4 (note if you have existing tokens first click the ‘plus’ + icon in the bottom-right)


On your mobile device, the Google Authenticator app should now display a 6-digit code


Back on your computer, enter the 6-digit code from Google Authenticator app and give your device a name.


Choose a new password.
It must be at least 8 chars long, with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.


Next time you login you’ll just need your email, new password and a one-time code from the Google Authenticator app.


Important point to note:

We receive both sides (buy and sell) of each settled trade meaning:

  • ‘Total’ numbers need to be halved or use just ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ to get a true indication of settled flow.
  • In most scenarios ‘net’ flow will be 0
  • Filter by a counterparty type to see the net direction of trades.

  • Data is published to Smart Markets the day after settlement.
  • Dates in Mosaic are in reference to the trade date. Settlement dates are available as a dimension to filter or group data by.
  • We’ve partnered with Euroclear following rigorous analysis as they have the most complete dataset. As data is based on actual settled trades there’s no room for fat fingers and cancellations.
  • All secondary market transactions which are settled within the Euroclear settlement system in Continental Europe are eligible to be published to Smart Markets, which is channel-agnostic.
  • Flow analytics are not biased by Primary issuance and Repo trades.
  • All global Fixed Income securities traded in Continental Europe are eligible to be published to Smart Markets. This includes Government Bonds, SSAs, Corporate Bonds.
  • To preserve market participants’ anonymity, the only available counterparty dimension is Counterparty Type (e.g. Investment Manager, Bank/Dealer, …).
  • There is no Counterparty Country / Region available.
Counterparty type Definition
Broker dealers Includes securities brokers, investment banks and capital market desks.
Corporates Includes companies producing goods or non financial services.
Depository institution Includes institutions involved in deposit banking or closely related functions like.
Government related financial institutions Includes all government related institutions such as government agencies, infrastructure and development banks, and supra-national institutions. Central banks are excluded.
Insurance Represents insurance and reinsurance companies, including insurance agents, brokers & services.
Investment managers Includes all asset managers, wealth managers, fund managers, ETFs, mortgage lenders, CDOs, CLOs, and Stichtingen.
Market infrastructures Includes exchanges, clearing houses, CCPs, and CSDs.
Other financial institutions Includes non deposit taking financial institutions, like consumption credit lenders, fund service companies and trustees.
Real estate Includes real estate operators, developers, brokers.
Non Euroclear Indicates the other side of cross border trades where one party has settled the trade outside of Euroclear.
  • To preserve market participants’ anonymity, there isn’t currently the option to drill down to individual trades. Flows are only accessible at an aggregate level.
  • Yes, you can access both VWAP and Average Yields in Smart Markets. Both aggregated “Dirty” and “Clean” prices are available (i.e. with and without accrued interest).
  • However, to preserve market participants’ anonymity, there isn’t the option to drill down to the individual trade level: prices are only accessible at an aggregate level.
  • You can access Smart Markets with your browser (Google Chrome recommended), and there is usually no effort required from your IT department.
  • Occasionally, and depending on your firewall’s setup, you might only need to whitelist Smart Markets IP address to be able to access it.

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