Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning adoption in the FX market

Webinar: Make your FX workflow smart with AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning have permeated virtually every corner of everyday life, but when it comes to FX, how can you harness this technology to make your workflow smarter and improve performance?

To answer these questions and more, Mosaic Smart Data invites you to attend a webinar on AI and machine learning adoption in the FX market.

Colin Lambert (Host)

Professor Rama Cont
Chair of Mathematical Finance, University of Oxford

Matthew Hodgson
Founder and CEO, Mosaic Smart Data

Stephane Alex
Head of Global Customer Marketing Group, MUFG

Stephane Malrait
Head of Market Structure & Innovation, ING Financial Markets

John Estrada
Global Head of eMacro, Credit Suisse

The expert panel will discuss how AI is capable of optimising the whole FX workflow, from pre- and post-trade analysis to trade execution, risk management and reporting – and, critically, the foundational steps you must take before effectively applying this ground-breaking technology to your FX business.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to adapt and thrive in the future of FX.