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Mosaic Smart Data for FX Delivers

Data normalisation
Capable of managing the high volumes of data in FX, Mosaic Smart Data normalises data across all voice and electronic trading channels in real time

Actionable insights 
Mosaic Smart Data provides insights on everything from market share to client demand predictions, delivering analytic insights leading to actionable steps to boost performance

Mosaic Smart Data enables users to add their own KPIs and analytic modules in a secure algorithm container, providing a flexible and unified platform for all business requirements

Intuitive display
Mosaic Smart Data leverages the cutting-edge design from consumer software to create the best user experience in financial technology today

Mosaic Smart Data for FX Performs

Boost productivity, improve your KPIs, access new opportunity and enhance profitability with Mosaic Smart Data. The platform is fully customisable to work with your business needs. Insights which the platform can deliver include:

Market share analysis and peer ranking to protect revenue

  • Insight: An alert is made if market share falls below a threshold
  • Action: Take defensive action to protect drops in market share

Client seasonality and rollover forecasting to anticipate demand

  • Insight: Consider typical client behaviour for date/time/intra-day clustering, and factorisation techniques for the likelihood of swaps position rollovers
  • Action: Optimise time for client engagement based on predicted needs

Market impact curve and order split recommendations to optimise execution

  • Insight: Estimates of market impact as a function of trade size allow optimal splitting of larger orders, leading to lower execution costs
  • Action: Reduce transaction sizes from >$1m to <$100k to reduce market impact and transaction costs

Market timing recommendations to optimise execution

  • Insight: Market timing recommendations are made in relation to forecast models for volume, liquidity and volatility
  • Action: Time transactions to coincide with predicted liquidity, higher volumes and lower volatility, for optimal execution

Nuance and specificity in data analytics, and the ability to leverage even one pip, can lead to significant gains in FX markets. In this huge global market, this aggregation of marginal gains and the atomic level of understanding of all client, product and channel activity, is the real fuel to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Matthew Hodgson,
CEO and Founder

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