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“At SMBC Nikko, our driving ambition is to place customers at the centre of everything we do. Mosaic empowers us to deliver a highly personalised service and drives a data-driven culture which future proofs our business. Leveraging the best market leading digital solutions, Mosaic Smart Data’s addition of real time credit analytics became an obvious choice.”

Robert Balch
Head of Fixed Income EMEA at SMBC Nikko Capital Markets


Aggregation and normalisation
Capable of managing the high volumes of data in credit, Mosaic Smart Data normalises and aggregates data across all voice and electronic trading channels

Real-time analytics
Mosaic enables banks to analyse the vast untapped pool of credit transaction and market data at their disposal and react in real-time

AI-driven actionable insights
Mosaic Smart Data leverages the power of AI to provide analytics insights leading to actionable steps to boost performance

Personalisation of client service
Equipped with data-driven insights, traders and salespeople can hyper-personalise the service they offer their clients and deepen relationships

Spreads vs Tenor bucket  (Corporates)

Industry Sector spreads

Corp Activity across Tenor


In addition to real-time data analysis, the Mosaic platform offers custom alerts and automated reporting, seasonality alerts, flow insights, client defection alerts, profitability-based insights, and anomaly detection.

Insights which the platform can deliver include:

Custom alerts and explanations

  • End-user defined thresholds and alert triggers

Seasonality alerts

  • Clients showing strong seasonality behaviour

Flow insights (franchise)

  • Spreads in FIN Snr are widening,
  • Spreads in Manufacturing 5Y have been tightening
  • Higher than usual activity in Turkish credit with clients maintaining net sell

Client defections

  • Which of my clients are starting to defect and the revenue attached

Profitability based insights

  • Pattern detection on markouts leading to hedging recommendation

Anomaly detection

  • Unusual flow patterns / activity

Bond search

  • Show bonds recently active

Asset Class Definition


  • Issuer: Investment Grade, High Yield, Supra, Agencies, Sovs
  • Currency: G10 : USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK, JPY, AUD, NZD
  • Type: Bullet, FRNs, zero coupon, callables (AT1)
  • Out-of-scope: Defaulted bonds, junk bonds (CCC rated and below)


  • Type: Index CDX Itraxx (Europe, HiVol, Xover, Japan, Asia (ex-Japan)*, Australia* , Single name CDS, (*Possible future release based on client demand CDX (IG, HiVol, HY, EM))
  • Out-of-scope: CDOs, iBOX, TRS, EFTs

“We have successfully helped many leading global banks support the digitisation of their FICC trading operations with cutting edge analytics tools, and now we are turning our attention to a market that has typically been resistant in the face of modernisation. We are delighted to have been chosen by SMBC Nikko Capital Markets to enable its global fixed income team to harness the power of data to enhance sales and trading performance, setting a new standard for the industry.”

Matthew Hodgson
CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data