Steps Ahead

Mosaic Smart Data customers to receive new ‘Netflix’ guided analytics tool for capital markets: MSX360®

Mosaic Smart Data (Mosaic), the real-time capital markets data analytics company, has launched the first real-time guided analytics tool for capital market performance, MSX360.

MSX360 uses a machine learning (ML) recommendation engine to answer three business critical questions for users: what is happening in the markets that they should pay attention to, why it matters and what action should be taken to seize the opportunity.

Crucially, MSX360 guides users with personalised insights to target specific opportunities with precision previously unavailable to them. It provides actionable alerts to accelerate individual and team performance as well as providing revenue generating intelligence. The engine learns from individual users’ activity and interests over time, constantly improving its recommendations and delivering the insights via intuitive and easy to navigate interactive ‘tiles’.

MSX360 interprets the opportunity and then prioritises the action in the data by alerting users to insights and revenue opportunity before it has passed by.  The responsive recommendation engine displays a wide range of pre- and post-trade insights to guide users to anticipate and proactively facilitate client needs.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data, said: “Today, the idea of walking into a video shop and trawling through shelves feels completely antiquated. We’re used to a service like Netflix doing the legwork for us and suggesting options we will want to watch from a database of thousands.

“MSX360 is built on that same principle. Being able to analyse big data is only half the story. MSX360 shows the user exactly the right insights at the right time so all they have to do is make the judgement call about how to action them.

“Giving participants a simple to use tool to act on insights and opportunities as they occur completely shifts the present paradigm, whereby users currently act on historical facts that in many cases are stale and in no way point them to a specific opportunity.

“With MSX360, it is all about putting intelligence at the fingertips of our users.  We’ve seen an enthusiastic response from the early adopters of MSX360 and have observed improvements of more than 20% in outgoing sales call volumes, call times and volumes seen. This collaborative process between smart data insights and human ingenuity is delivering extraordinary performance for those who integrate and adopt this technology into their daily working routine. Every bank knows what an increase of 1% of revenue means to their bottom line.”

Analytics is no longer a tool to view history but instead a springboard to anticipate opportunity and unless you are adding specific and measurable value to your clients, you will be relegated to the ‘nice-to-have’ rather than the ‘essential-to-have’ group.”

MSX360 analytics can be applied to the sell-side, buy-side, exchanges, custodians, settlement systems, ECN’s, central banks and regulators. Job functions include globally distributed sales & trading teams across FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities) to real-time risk analytics for the back-office to exception reporting for compliance and surveillance teams.

Analysis behind MSX360® alerts cannot be performed by a human given the volume of data and the complexity of the interrelationships within the data that requires real-time processing.  As institutions focus on adding value for clients in an environment of increasing commoditisation for sell-side institutions, the company expects initial adoption to be greatest for sales and trading desks as well as management.

MSX360 is available to Mosaic Smart Data clients as an additional service built on top of its MSX data analytics platform. MSX aggregates all of an institution’s FICC transaction data in real-time and applies machine learning and AI to it. This gives users deep insights in real-time of their institution’s global trading activity to drive performance, improve profitability and deliver the full institutional value to clients.