Steps Ahead

Mosaic Smart Data wins at the 2020 Banking Technology Awards  

Mosaic Smart Data’s MSX® and MSX360® platforms were named Best Smart Banking Solution at this year’s Fintech Futures Banking Technology awards from a competitive field of fourteen shortlisted companies.

The Banking Technology Awards, now in its 21st year, recognises excellence and innovation in financial services worldwide, and the people and companies responsible for driving the future. This year’s awards were highly contested with many of the world’s leading financial institutions shortlisted.

The award win highlights that machine learning and artificial intelligence are now being deployed by FICC market participants on an industrial scale, and recognises how MSX® and MSX360®’s actionable insight enables users to enhance their performance across sales, trading and management.

Mosaic Smart Data’s success is born out of its team and its partners. In-house, Mosaic has focused on building a world class team of data engineers, quants and data scientists with practical business knowledge and expertise to develop software that delivers real-time intelligence.

Both MSX® and MSX360® are designed to provide users with an experience akin to the best consumer electronics and software products in the world, commonly referred to as the consumerisation of the enterprise.

Mosaic Smart Data’s partners include the European Space Agency (ESA) and The University of Oxford’s Professor Rama Cont, Chair of Mathematical Finance and Chief Scientific Advisor to Mosaic Smart Data. These partners keep the firm’s focus on relentlessly innovating and applying the latest modelling techniques to financial data sets.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and Founder of Mosaic Smart Data, commented: “This award is a wonderful way to end what has been an eventful year for all. This recognition is testament to the hard work and dedication of the Mosaic Smart Data team and the effectiveness of MSX® and MSX360®.

“The FICC markets remain in a perpetual state of evolution and are changing at an accelerating pace. Competition is relentless and success is now underpinned by how much value can be extracted from both internal and external data. AI, machine learning and natural language generation can all now be leveraged to turn big data into smart data, and unless you’re utilising these technologies, you’re quite literally in the dark. Having intelligence at your fingertips is no longer a nice-to-have, it is tantamount to survival.”