Steps Ahead

Unlock your transaction data’s true potential through normalisation and aggregation

Turn the profit dial in your favour with AI technology

Many institutions fail to harness the true potential of their FICC data simply because it is unstandardised and siloed in disparate sources across the organisation. In an increasingly data-centric market, this situation is no longer acceptable.

Empowered by innovative digital technology, Chief Data Officers can start to get maximum value from their unique transactional data and drive their firm to become a data-first institution.

By aggregating data from across the organisation and making it available in one comprehensive view, you can:

  • Drive a data strategy for digitalisation in the bank
  • Unlock institutional value through deeper understanding
  • Make better use of data you already have
  • Build the strategic foundations to effect change in the most intelligent and efficient way
  • Establish new revenue streams through data products

In a recent survey of c-suite executives at Fortune 1000 companies…


Our team will show you around the MSX360 platform.

MSX360 – Market intelligence at your fingertips

Mosaic Smart Data provides end-to-end software to capture, analyse and act upon voice and electronic transaction data in FICC markets.

All transaction records from every channel of activity are consolidated into a single viewpoint on the MSX platform, from which AI and machine learning tools are applied to deliver real-time actionable insights and opportunities your institution can act upon and profit from.

Take advantage of:

  • Digital tools out of the box
  • Cost and time efficiency of turnkey solution
  • Ability to deliver tangible results quickly
  • Using cloud as part of data strategy

The proof  

Click below to read how Mosaic enabled this global bank’s salespeople to turn its big data into smart data.

Since deploying our AI across their front office, a client told us their sales team had…

“The changing face of the capital markets at a time of accelerated technology innovation have many CIOs thinking about their technology estate and the platforms required to future-proof it.”

Brad Bailey, Research Director at Celent’s Capital Markets division


Our team will show you around the MSX360 platform.