Steps Ahead

Mosaic Smart Data launches real-time interest rate swaps analytics

7 August 2018

  • FICC market’s first real-time data analytics service for swaps

  • Offers unparalleled insight into USD 2.1 trillion a day market1

Mosaic Smart Data (Mosaic), the FICC data analytics company, has added real-time analytics for interest rate swaps to its MSX platform.

Live in one of the world’s largest banks, MSX now provides real-time analytics for swaps denominated in US dollar, sterling, euro, and Scandinavian currencies, which make up the majority of the USD 2.1 trillion a day interest rate swaps market1.

Developed by Mosaic’s team of expert data scientists, the new swaps analytics service allows banks to combine their electronic and voice traded swaps transaction data into a single view. Additional features include advanced risk analysis, which allows banks to manage their risk concentration in real-time, and transaction cost analysis enabling traders to manage execution quality.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data said: “With multiple legs and complex structures, swaps are some of the most complex instruments to analyse. However, with USD 2.1 trillion notional traded every day, it is vital that traders have the best tools to make informed data-backed decisions in this market.

“Our platform now gives banks a real-time and aggregated view of swaps activity across their entire business, which has never before been possible. This will boost performance and allow them to carefully manage risk concentration in real-time, crucial in an increasingly uncertain market environment.”

Swaps analytics is available now to all Mosaic Smart Data customers.

1 – “net-gross” figure from Bank of International Settlements Triennial Central Bank Survey, 2016